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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Wyatt Warrior Society is hosting their first annual Legends and Legacies Basketball tournament on October 9th and 10th!

Wyatt Warrior Society is planning its first annual Legends and Legacies basketball tournament at Sierra High School on October 9th and 10th. The event is in honor of Kenny Wyatt and friends who left lasting legacies for student-athletes in our foothill and mountain communities

I started Wyatt's Warrior Society in honor of my father Kenny, who passed away last October. He was an avid softball, basketball, and horseshoe player and coach, and was well known for trying to unite the communities in the disadvantaged unincorporated communities in the Sierra Nevada. I'm looking forward to honoring the legends who have contributed to our beautiful foothills and mountains through their love of sports, community, and competition.

Please join us for a weekend full of events starting with a sponsorship dinner at Meadow Lakes Apple Company on Friday, October 8th at 5:00 pm. We will host a town parade in Auberry (see events page for details), a basketball tournament at Sierra High School on October 9th & 10th, with a vendor fair, and all-day open swim at the SHS swim complex.

Wyatt Warrior Society

The purpose of Wyatt Warrior Society is to serve the underserved student-athletes in the unincorporated communities of the Sierra Nevada. As you may know, natural resource-rich areas like the rural areas across the Sierra Nevada mountain range are historically disadvantaged through wider government misrepresentation, poor environmental policies, and unsustainable tourism due to a lack of infrastructure from local and state governments. Our mountains and foothills are frequently the target of outside actors who feel they have a "greater stake (for greater gain)" in communities like ours. The towns and the people who live near such places are marginalized within the in-fighting, across the globe, and our youth suffer most.

We believe our communities must look after each other and that is what Wyatt Warrior Society is all about. Our organization aims to break down barriers within our communities and provide opportunities for our most at-risk students. Unity among Native American tribes and everyone else who lives in these communities is paramount if we want our children to lead productive and healthy lives. That's what Coach Wyatt and many of his friends and colleagues stood for, and we hope to carry on their important traditions.

Please join us for our all-inclusive Legends and Legacies events in September, October, and November in honor of Kenny Wyatt and friends, and their lasting legacy of creating community through athletics. Check out our events page for more info!

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